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Financial Aid

Did you miss this year's Financial Aid Night presentation?  No worries!  You can view it below:



Another good Financial Aid presentation is provided below as well:

Check out these additional resources for FAFSA help:

How to file the FAFSA (step-by-step)




Financial Aid Resources (this is the official FAFSA site) (to request a FAFSA Pin #) (pre-planning and FAFSA information) (AmeriCorps information) (Direct Loan information) (Student Loan information (paying section offers scholarship search) 
Beware of scam e-mails offering FAFSA information for a fee. There is no fee to complete your federal student aid information on the official site.

Besides personal savings and various college saving plans, the major three forms of financial aid include:
Grants - free monies provided by government resources; major access is by submitting FASFA
Low interest education loans-come in the forms of . . .
         subsidized (govt. pays interest until student leaves post-secondary school)
         unsubsidized (interest accumulates from the date of the award) bank loans, credit union loans, etc. - all of which     

                              students/parents will pay back as indicated in individual terms of agreement
Scholarships - financial awards from any number of unlimited sources