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Guidelines for Observation Requests/Post Graduates

GUIDELINES for Observation Requests for Post Graduates:

If you would like to observe a Hempfield Area High School Teacher, please email the following criteria to Dr. David Palmer, High School Principal, at [email protected].
  1. A request letter from the university/college on letterhead including your name, email address and phone number 
  2. Hours needed to complete your required observation
  3. Time frame needed to complete request
  4. Scanned copies of all clearances (Acts 34, 151, 114 and TB (Test/Health Statement).  
  5. Arrest / Conviction Report & Certification form (Acts 24 and 82)
  6. Confidentiality Statement (click here to download statement)
Your observation will not take place if the above requirements are not received prior to the scheduled observation date(s). Please be advised that you should not make arrangements with a Hempfield Area High School teacher(s).  All placement requests must be approved and requested through the main office.

Please note that if you miss your scheduled observation date(s), you will not be rescheduled. If you are a Hempfield graduate, you must be in your second year of college/university to make a placement request.