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Mathematics Department

We follow the Pennsylvania  Department of Education Mathematics guidelines with the expectation that at the end of their high school education, students will be able to use their mathematical knowledge independently to: 
  1. Make sense of and persevere in solving complex and novel mathematical problems.
  2. Use effective mathematical reasoning to construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others.
  3. Communicate precisely when making mathematical statements and express answers with a degree of precision appropriate for the context of the problem/situation.
  4. Apply mathematical knowledge to analyze and model situations/relationships using multiple representations and appropriate tools in order to make decisions, solve problems, and draw conclusions.
  5. Make use of structure and repeated reasoning to gain a mathematical perspective and formulate generalized problem solving strategies.
This is accomplished through a sequential mathematics curriculum which incorporates  examples of real world mathematical situations and applications. 
Students are invited to join Mathletes. It is a club affiliated with Math League Press that meets once a month. Students individually complete 6 questions from a variety of mathematical topics. They are scored and  top scoring students may be invited to compete at the state or national level. After the monthly contest, students receive their results and are provided with solution strategies for each of the questions, giving them a opportunity to challenge themselves AND learn from the experience.
National Math Honor Society (Mu Alpha Theta)
🌟 Applications are currently being reviewed. The date for the induction ceremony will be released as soon as it is chosen🌟