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Why study a World Language?


Benefits of Learning a Second Language

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and the benefits of second language study.)

Research and longitudinal studies have concluded the following facts in regards to students who learn a second language:

  • Student develops a meaningful understanding and appreciation of different cultures.

  • Student acquires the ability to expand their horizons by communicating with more people.

  • Student demonstrates higher levels of creativity.

  • Student has a greater ability to solve complex problems and engage in higher order thinking skills.

  • Student tends to score higher on standardized achievement tests. For example, students who studied a foreign language for 4 or more years consecutively, outscored non language learners in both verbal and math SAT scores.

  • Student achieves greater results academically and more likely to perform successfully in college.

  • Students increases opportunities for foreign-study program abroad.

  • Student gains a competitive edge when considering career opportunities.

Benefits of Learning a Second Language Early

  • Student develops critical life-long skills during their elementary years.

  • Student eagerly receives and is appreciative of cultural differences.

  • Student is easily able to transfer information between the native and second language.

  • Student develops creative inquiry and critical thinking skills.

  • Student gains a greater understanding and development of their own language while acquiring a second language.

  • Student gains higher academic achievement in formative and summative assessments.

  • Student becomes a candidate for future proficiency in the second language.